The Goonch Fishing trip part 1

The Goonch Catfish, what an incredible creature! These prehistoric looking fish not only requires extensive planning but also a lot of patience to catch. Sometimes you need to wait just for a few hours other times it could be days or even weeks before they decide to oblige.  

These catfish are also extremely strong, even an average size fish can easily outsmart you by snapping your line amongst the rocks or can put you in a fix by hunkering down on the bottom. Basically, they will use everything within their arsenal to avoid capture. They will also use structure within the river to their advantage, hence one should understand the terrain even before the first cast.

Mr Vikram Bora came prepared and ready for action!

Here he holds his trophy, a beautiful beast from the depths of the Ramganga. The Ramganga river and the surrounding landscape providing an incredible backdrop for this incredible fish.

This Goonch almost had the better of us with an insanely powerful strike, almost jolting the rod out of the rod stand. The rod stand was secured by a load of rocks and hence the force applied by the Goonch must have been enormous.  Mr Boras quick reaction allowed him to set the hook in time, but this was only the beginning, the battle had just begun. The fight was like a tug a war (we generally play with tight drag settings) and the bend of the rod showed us that we needed to respect our adversary. We were initially having problems reeling in this monster from our original position as it started to take advantage of the current and despite using strong drag setting we were losing line. A Change in position was in order and we decided to move alongside the river. All along constant pressure was maintained which was critical. Soon the tide of the battle changed, and the fish was in control. Landing the Goonch was another complication but the guides know their stuff and were able to easily accomplish this task without a glitch. Like any other battle, we had lost track of time and is difficult to comment on how long all this lasted.

In the end, we had a happy and a bruised (thanks to the rocks) angler and an almost shredded leader.

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