The Mystery of the Redfin Mahseer of the north

This specimen Redfin Mahseer was caught on the Maha-Kali river at Pancheshwar by Mr Christopher Oldmeadow a vetran angler

This particular fish is a bit of a rare catch for the Northern Himalayan rivers. There is currently not much information out there regarding its classification, is it just a difference in phenotype or could the genetic makeup be different?

From our observation, this species has a distinctive mouth which generally is pointing downwards “Sub-terminal or ventral”. This generally indicates bottom-feeding behaviour. The fish has a deeper body and is also bulkier than the Golden Mahseer. Up north the Redfin is certainly present in the Ramganga river but only catchable during a very short window. Recently, however, we have caught a few of them on the MahaKali river system.

Angler: Christopher Oldmeadow
Guide: Ramesh Pant
Outfitter: Camp The Himalaya


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