Mahseer fishing on the Ramganga river

Mahseer fishing on the Ramganga river is an excellent opportunity for the novice and professional alike. The river running alongside Jim Corbett national park provides good access and an amazing backdrop. The clear water conditions create a highly visible sport luring not just the fish but the angler as well.

The Ramganga river

The western Ramganga river originates from Dudhatoli ranges in the district of Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. It is a tributary of the river Ganges and originates from the high-altitude zone of about 800m-900m. Ramganga flows through the Corbett National Park providing a vital lifeline to both the human & nonhuman inhabitants.

Kalagarh or Ramganga dam was constructed on the river as means to produce hydroelectricity and manage water for irrigation. It created a reservoir within the national park which supports good fish and animal life. This area is out of bounds for recreational angling & commercial fishing and acts as a much-needed sanctuary for the Mahseer.

Mahseer Fishing on the Ramganga river

The Ramganga River

The Ramganga River

As the river originates from the Mid-Himalayas and is predominantly spring fed, it runs crystal clear for the most part of the year. This provides good sight casting opportunity for the angler, both fly fishing and spinning techniques have known to produce good results for Mahseer fishing. The clear water, however, is a double-edged sword. The fish also can see you! numerous anglers have blown away good chances by straightaway walking to the river’s edge and spooking away an already wary fish. To be honest the condition works more in the favour of the fish than the angler.

Over the years our guides have mastered the art of watercraft and will help you cover the waters more effectively. Note stalking the fish is no easy task and even the masters get outsmarted at times! Guides associated with us are locals from the given area and understand the surrounding flora and fauna well. Having them on your side increases the probability of you catching the fish of your dreams


Mahseer of the Ramganga

Golden Mahseer of the Ramganga river

The Mahseer of Ramganga are clever fish and take advantage of every structure in the river to outsmart you. They are omnivorous in their feeding habits and it can get tricky trying to figure out what imitation might work. Hence lure and fly selection can be critical. Depending on the water conditions we even may even need to downsize our gear, providing a good balance between stealth, temptation and strength.

Get in touch with us, we will help you sort this out!

There are Numerous fishing spots along the Ramganga with access ranging from easy to difficult, the fishing potential also varies as angling pressure is a lot less in the more remote or outback areas. Hence with a range of options available, we normally recommend an appropriate approach and location after careful deliberation with our guests. Choice of lodging can also be provided which ranges from resorts in Ramnagar to offsite mobile camps on the banks of the Ramganga river.

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