The Indian Mid-Himalaya: An experience

The Himalaya

Tectonic plate collisions between India and Tibet formed the Himalayas between 40 and 50 million years ago. The “abode of snow” is among the youngest mountain ranges worldwide. The Himalayas continue to grow by more than 1 cm per year, as continental plates continue their collision course.

The Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) is the section of the Himalayas within India, spanning the northern states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, as well as the hill regions of two eastern states, Assam and West Bengal.

These great mountains have four kinds of vegetation naming tropical, subtropical, temperate, and alpine with over 300 species of mammals, close to 1000 species of birds, and hundreds and thousands of reptile, amphibian, and fish species. For a wildlife enthusiast, this place is nothing but heaven.   

In addition to the beauty of the towering peaks, the Himalayan mountain ranges provide a critical water supply for billions of people throughout Asia. Of the many rivers which stem from the Himalayas, we are located on the banks of the river Saryu at Pancheshwar

Adventure activities and a normal day at camp

If you’re looking for a holiday away from the beaten path, traffic jams, pollution, and all the other perils of the city life come join us!

The Himalayas offer a host of activities for adventurer and dreamer alike:

Himalayan Goral

Himalayan Goral

Birding/Wildlife: Get up early, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and then head out. There are numerous bird species which inhabit the surrounding area. Though some of these species will visit the campground itself, we recommend you head out for a short hike and allow your options to open. Keep a nice pair of binoculars handy or telephoto lens for photographers. Our guides will help you locate and identify the species. The surrounding hills are also home to the shy leopard, who does show himself occasionally. Mountain goral and barking dears can be spotted on open ridges and fields during certain parts of the day.

For the more adventurous kinds, we can also arrange for a full day hike deeper up the valley with packed breakfast & lunch. This way you can cover more ground and increase your chances of spotting wildlife. There are numerous river crossing and waterfalls along the way to keep you occupied.

Rafting Family Holiday

Whitewater rafting: For the holidaying family and anglers alike, we recommend a gentle float trip on the river Saryu. The river predominantly has medium to low level of gradient making for relaxing yet thrilling experience. We can customize this experience by making it into a full day excursion or even a shorter trip depending on your preference.

The Village life: For those, you are interested in understanding and experiencing the village life in the Himalayas, we can arrange for an interesting interaction with our friends in the field (literally). You can try out living like a Himalayan farmer or simply enjoy the serenity of a quaint little village. You can even try and explore some of the local cuisines. Depending on the season we might get lucky and witness one of the many local festivals, everyone here is a friendly lot and all guest are welcome. Life by the river is simple and its simplicity which we city folks strive for.

Life at the Camp:

Life at the camp can be full of activities or a laid-back place depending on your line of interests. Early morning and late evening are especially beautiful and that is also the time of the day when most of the animals and birds are on the move. The emerald green water of the Saryu provides a relaxing yet tempting sight just before you sip that hot cup of coffee.

As your senses start to awaken you can decide on the plan for the day. It could be a nice hike to the nearby waterfall or maybe a visit to the nearby temple, the local priest is quite a character and equally as enthusiastic about meeting the visiting traveller. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and we at Camp the Himalaya take that a little too seriously. Meals can be served in the comfort of our campgrounds or next to a section of the river that you fancy. Anglers especially love this as they don’t need to venture far from their favourite fishing spot.

Afternoons in Pancheshwar can get hot during the summer months and hence an afternoon siesta after lunch is always a good option. For the more active kinds, a dip in the nearby stream tends to cool things off.

Evenings are pleasant and especially exciting for the angler as the fish start to become more active. This is one of the best times of the day for an evening walk alongside the river. Evening tea and biscuits are always a nice combination especially when there is a nice cool breeze blowing down the valley.

Camp Fire

As the night sets in and the temperature further drops, a bonfire comes to the rescue. This is a good time to hang out with your accompanying travellers, recollecting the stories of the day as you enjoy some snacks. Dinner is served alongside the burning lanterns. Another “Camp the Himalaya” meal is served which will make you feel lazy and energetic at the same time. The chef is usually the most creative at this time of the day so please keep some space for dessert. After a long and interesting day, hitting the sack is effortless.

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“There is something of the marvellous in all things of nature” – Aristotle