The Goonch Fishing trip part 2

Goonch Fishing

Goonch Catfish caught by Gagan Bakshi

Goonch Fishing on the Ramganga river

We continue from where we left off last time. The same trip, Goonch fishing deep in the Ramganga valley, but a different fish and another angler.

This time Mr Gagan Bakshi hooked on to another brute of a fish. The Goonch behaved a little differently from his cousin and decided to take a subtler approach. We were using live bait and there would always be some movement on the rod tip. A badly timed strike would mean a lost chance and a spooked fish. We noticed that the tip was moving, was it the live bait? or was there fish on?

Gagan waited for a few seconds, which seemed like an hour. Now the rod tip seemed more bent than usual, so he decided to take a chance and made a quick strike! Next thing we noticed was a totally bent out rod, there was a Fish on!!

Almost immediately the fish started taking line, the drag was further tightened to avoid the fish from hunkering down or getting into a deep hole. Constant pressure was being applied and every opportunity to pump the fish out was being capitalized. However, the location which we were standing on had a ledge and there was a possibility that Goonch once close in would go straight for that.

These clever fish are notorious for focused runs towards spots which would tend to break you off. So, we decided not to take a chance and moved positions. This meant that the angler had to step into the water and move slightly upstream. Now, this sounds easy, but when you have a big fish on the other side of your line things tend to get complicated. On this occasion luckily, things fell into place. After a prolonged struggle, the angler finally managed to land the fish safely .



The Goonch catfish a different angle.

The Goonch are incredible predators and we thoroughly enjoy fishing for them. Unfortunately, over the years there have attained a bad reputation. We intend to change that perception by showing what awesome creatures they are!

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