Fishing Holidays in India

We provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the wilderness of the Indian Himalayas through an option of 3 incredible outdoor themes related to Mahseer and Goonch fishing.

Fishing Holidays for the traveling angler

We have a dedicated Eco-camp situated on the banks of Saryu river at Pancheshwar. The Junction that is the confluence between the river Saryu and MahaKali is one of the most famous fishing spots for the Golden Himalayan Mahseer, our camp is virtually next door.

Camp site river saryu mahseer fishing

Camp site on the banks of Saryu, just before the confluence

The camp provides excellent access to multiple fishing spots on both the river systems There are numerous riffles, runs and pools to explore with your fly fishing or spinning tackle.

The Camp provides comfortable lodging through Safari style tents and an interesting menu customizable to the palate of the visiting guests. We incorporate a high degree of organic produce sourced from the local farmers. Both western and traditional cuisine are at offer.

We provide dedicated guides for all our angling guests and can also arrange for other recreational activities for non-anglers. 

This is an ideal option for serious anglers looking for relaxing adventure along with families and friends

Fishing Expeditions for the hardcore enthusiast

This option suits the hardcore anglers, who are looking for a no-frills expedition for a specimen size fish or are interested in a more outback experience. The trip is designed and executed keeping in mind this objective.

A trip of this nature requires extensive planning and flexibility, hence we leave the luxury of the safari tents behind and adopt to a more mobile & rustic approach as we head deeper into the Mid-Himalayas.

The Primary targets for these expeditions are:

The Fishing locations, in this case, are not fixed and are decided to depend on the prevailing conditions, target species and the client’s preference. Location is chosen after careful deliberation post a recce of the area beforehand.

We currently target the major rivers and their tributaries within northern India like the Ramganga, Kali, and Ganga to name a few.  

Camping out durring fishing expedition India Goonch

Mobile campsite

A temporary camp with dome tents and kitchen facility is set up along side the river. In most cases, villages are a distance away and we need to rely on our own logistics and planning. Access to these areas is more difficult and generally involves either hiking or rafting down to the location. As the physical demands in these expeditions are higher we recommend our clients to be in decent physical condition. The expedition requires extensive planning and may be multiple recce trips and hence we would appreciate prior intimations of at least 2 months. This is specially applicable for Goonch catfish as they tend to migrate to different pools post the monsoons.

Goonch catfish expeditions will also require specialized heavy fishing gear and bait fishing tactics. We recommend that our guest  have a detailed discussion on the subject beforehand.

Family Holidays within the Mid-Himalayas

Wrecommendp the Himalaya also offer the opportunity to our guests to enjoy the simple Himalayan holiday.

You can take it easy and enjoy the comfort of your safari tent away from the noise and pollution of the city. This is an ideal place for the traveler looking for a destination off the beaten path. The laid-back wanderer can put his feet up and relax under the awning watching the emerald green river flow by as he digs into the many local cuisines we offer. The rest of the day can be spent walking around exploring the nearby village or maybe a temple visit at the confluence. In the evening you can try your luck at fishing, our guides can teach you some of the tricks of the trade.

For the more adventurous kinds, we can arrange for:

Family Holiday , rafting , birding , village life

Birding: There are a range of bird species which inhabit the surrounding areas, our guides will help you locate and identify them. A good opportunity for budding photographers!

Whitewater rafting: The river Saryu is excellent for a gentle float trip which the whole family can enjoy. we can even make this into a full day trip with a packed lunch. Picnics are always fun!

The Village life: For those, you are interested in understanding and experiencing the village life, we can arrange for an interesting interaction with our friends up in the hills. You can try out living like a Himalayan farmer or simply chill out with them!

If you require any clarity or additional information, please get in touch.  We will be more than happy in responding to your inquiries. 

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